Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Benefit Concert Ends in Violence

May 23, 2012

Last night's sudden a violent outbreak at the benefit concert being held by Alcovian pop star, Ilana Nosti has been blamed on a radical militia group. The group, calling itself the Brotherhood for a New Alcovia opened fire on the gathered crowd of civilians and off duty soldiers, killing 15 and wounding dozens more.

The group appears to have entered the arena in the guise of members of Alcovian internal security and RAA. As the capital was maintaining an alert status, soldiers and police forces were carrying weapons to the event. Security officials say that the militia members entered using forged documents and false identifications and that by the time they had opened fire it was too late to do anything but return fire and try to counter the attack. In the end, all the terrorists were killed in the ensuing firefight but not before they had inflicted heavy casualties on the unsuspecting crowd. 

Fortunately, none of the visiting officials or the performers were harmed during the firefight.

In a later interview, Miss Nosti had this to say...
This is a horrible and grotesque thing to have happen on this night of hope and help. To turn what was meant as a gesture of aid and peace into a bloody slaughter cannot be forgiven. I hope that all freedom loving Alcovians will see this for what it is and choose to do what is right in opposing this sort of evil
Miss Nosti later visited local hospitals offering her help to those caring for the wounded and consoling those who had lost loved ones in the attack.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pop Star To Throw Benefit Concert

May 6, 2012

Alcovian pop sensation Ilana Nosti announced her plans to throw a benefit for the war-torn citizens of Alcovia. The concert, being held in the Alcovian capital of Chubakrev will be open to all citizens with a special ticket price being given to all active NAA troops as well as a special royal viewing by the king and his cabinet. All proceeds will go to benefiting charitable organizations already assisting in Alcovia.

Ilana has said that she also hopes to raise awareness of the conflict in her homeland through the worldwide televising of her concert on international pay per view outlets as well on several broadcast channels in nations where pay-per-view events are not available. At this time, her concert will be broadcast in 42 countries. A spokeswoman for Ms. Nosti also expressed her concerns and disappointment that no American networks or pay-per-view venues had picked up the concert, though there are a few Internet sources that will be showing the event and she is sure that viral coverage of the event will still allow the concert to reach American viewers. Ms. Nosti's manager blamed the lack of interest in America on the singer's clean image and the limited pallet of American listeners who have never warmed to Ilana's blend of traditional eastern European sounds and sweeping vocals.

The performance is set for the end of May or early June, but the planners of the event are intentionally keeping specific dates under wraps until closer to the event out of concern for possible terrorist activities.