Monday, March 12, 2012

Crazy Emu's Used Tank Blowout!

I've got a crap ton of 1/72 modern Russian tank model kits that I'm not going to be needing. All are unassembled, though a few have been opened to examine the kits. I'd like to sell them off, if I can. Feel free to email me on the email in my profile to ask what is available.

I'm looking to get about $8 a model and will ship actual postage. I'll consider offers for the whole pile.

I have the following -

Sorry for the glare. It was hard enough to get all the tanks into a single picture.

Thanks for considering,



APJ said...

Infidel ! What made you leave the path of the only true wargame scale [ie. 1:72] ??? :o)

Eli Arndt said...

To be honest? I was getting frustrated with 20mm. It proved to be no more simple a project than 15mm and so I just reverted back to my primary scale.