Monday, September 19, 2011

Latest Figure News

Some good news to share on the 20mm figure front. First, Elheim are now stocking Wartime Miniatures ranges. I'm pleased for Matt that these will be available in the UK at a reasonable price. Matt did what he could to offset the strong Aus $ vs the pound and set shipping charges; and I take my hat off to him for that, but they still proved too rich for me in the end.

 Wartime Miniatures

Two of the packs in the photo above will now allow me to furnish a platoon in true Call of Duty: Modern Warfare style. Which if you play the game, you'll know that the Ruskies have more RPDs, RPGs, SVDs than AKs.

Next up, Rolf of Liberation Miniatures has announced a new set of 70's-80's Russians in body armour (with covered helmets). I really like the look of them.  These may well become the bulk of my Alcovian regular army forces. No details on availability yet, (I'll keep pushing Rolf) but worth waiting for.

 Liberation Minis (RH Models)

Finally, a little late in announcing due to my health issues, but still well worth highlighting that Shaun at S&S Models has completely remoulded and repackaged his classic Modern Russian Motor Rifles and VDV figures.

 S&S Models

The sculpts are characterful with a wide range of poses and get this, for the Motor Rifles at least, Shaun wants to ensure that you can build an entire company with command, support and heavy weapons. Something I can only applaud.


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