Friday, September 9, 2011

Soldatskaya Smekalka

Before I pack away Krozny Kravac I think one more game based on the Seize & Secure scenario from BATTLEFIELD EVOLUTION: MODERN COMBAT might just be fun and a natural follow up to the action fought this week.

SEIZE & SECURE: A tactically important landmark is being fought over by two armies. Whoever gains the upper hand for just a
few hours will gain an advantage over the entire region
that will be difficult to challenge.....

With that on the cards, I feel inspired to finish some conversions this weekend. Maff gave me his unpainted Under Fire Miniatures'  MVD/OMON troops. I had started taking the heads off and replacing them with the standard helmeted heads from some Platoon 20 Modern Russians. Enthusiasm had petered out previously as these Platoon 20 heads have proved to be the toughest to remove to date.

All this effort is to round out a couple of squads of National Alcovian Army (NAA) regular style forces with the Under Fire MVD/OMON troops. Mostly 'cause I just like the poses.


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lekw said...

the painted figures look great, keep up the good work.