Monday, April 23, 2012

Alcovian Princess Returns to War-torn Homeland

Taking advantage of the cease fire, Princess Malatova returned to Alcovia from her studies abroad. The lovely daughter to King Ullo's oldest son, her arrival came as somewhat of a surprise to the royal cabinet. Amid the bustle of reporters and onlookers, the princess exited her private plane at the Alcovian National Airport. Pausing only for a few photos and brief words, the lovely royal was quickly whisked away in an official vehicle.

Not much is known about the reasons for her return to her war-torn home, but it but she is well known as an advocate for the proper integration of the nation across all its peoples as well as the demilitarization of the province of Theogonia. Such views have often marked her as a liberal supporter who's loyalties to her people is questionable. In fact it was only two years prior that the princess made a very emotional speech at a Trebizon convention for trade and human rights. 

What has been stated, not by the princess but by her official spokeswoman, Pretya Tushensia, is that the princess will be spending some time travelling around her home. Internal security authorities are concerned that the princess's planned tour of the nation may invite rebel and militia concerns to take advantage of her vulnerable position. The princess's public relations team made it quite clear than neither the princess or her entourage are in the slightest concerned over any supposed threat. the princess has refused all offers of additional security from her father or the royal offices.

So far there is no official itinerary but given her political views, it is thought that Princess Malatova will be visiting aid stations, medical stations and perhaps the UN refugee camps across the River Borka, in Iqenistan. 


abdul666 said...

Great, great choice of a picture!
Don't know where Slavic armies find such lovely soldiers :-)

benjamin_starkey said...

I just freaking love reading this blog! Such a well fleshed out story, very creative and very relevant to today's reality. Bravo!

Eli Arndt said...

Thank you both.

Ben, I am glad that you appreciate the angle of this blog. I know it must be frustrating at times for there to be so little gaming content, but that will come.


benjamin_starkey said...

Good gaming content requires good storyline and well developed plot, at least for me. I like to envelop myself in the world I'm playing in.

Eli Arndt said...

While that is true it is embarassing that other contributors have gamed more in the setting than me.