Saturday, April 19, 2014

Alcovia Receives Bongolesian Dignataries

Karina Lotsacrop, representative of the University of Alcovia, Department of Human Studies speaks with the head of the Bongolesian security detail, JaJa Binku.
Today, at a discrete air field in western Alcovia, a military transport plane was received by a small group of civilian and government authorities. After a brief discussion between cultural attaches and the Bongolesian security detail, the diplomatic team was lead to a water motorcade where they were sped off to an undisclosed location, presumably to meet with King Ullo Chubakov, who had recently returned to seclusion after numerous threats were made on his person.

Early details indicate that Ambassador W'astsit T'uyoo an his staff are settling in nicely to their diplomatic quarters and are being treated to the highest level of Alcovian hospitality. This evening's welcome dinner is reported to include a meal of Alcovian wild boar and eels.


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