Sunday, April 6, 2014

Alcovia to Host African Diplomats

Head of the Bongolesian delegation, W'atsit T'uyoo

Surprising developments in Alcovia.

After years of resistance to foreign intercession in the ongoing civil war, the Alcovian office of Internal Affairs has accepted an offer from the African nation of Bongolesia and will receive a diplomatic envoy with the intentions of allowing them to sit in on talks between National and rebel leaders. 

Bongolesia, often criticized as the playground of a tyrant and a center for corruption and bush politics, seems an unlikely candidate for peace mediation. However, considering the Alcovian King's mistrust of European politics and desire to keep both Russia and the united States out of his country's affairs, a small, independent nation seated an ocean away may not be as odd a choice as it might seem. 

The office of Internal Affairs released this quite from the initial communication sent by Bongolesia, 
"Bongolesian Foreign Affairs Experat and Tip-Top Diplomat, W'atsit T'uyoo and his staff are ready to make haste to Alcovia, to show our friends that we can help and when we help, EVERYBODY can get some...We come in peace and look forward to doing our bestest on the world stage of international feel goods..."
Very positive and energetic words from the characteristically bombastic nation.

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