Friday, November 5, 2010

First Minis Arrive!

Hello All,

I just received my very first Liberation minis. These also happen to be my very first 20mm metal figures.

These were purchased through one of the special offers that RH Models runs and included figures from a couple of ranges, all falling into the Eastern European troops category.

Both lots were excellent and arrived nicely packed (in recycled packaging I might add). The figures were were well cast with only a couple of bent barrels which I simply marked off to shipping stress. The metal on the figs is good quality though and the barrels bent back into place and retained their integrity.

I can't really say too much on pose variety as these were mixed lots. The lots I received had a lot of moving and standing poses but not very many shooting poses.

Overall, a very satisfactory first foray into the realm of 20mm. I will be ordering more, definitely.


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Cronickain said...

Can't wait to see them. If you meant to put 'here' as a link it is not working.