Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rioting Ends Well in Fredavia

Novermber 2, 2010

Yesterday, in the eastern town of Fredavia, citizens marched in a public display of outrage against the government's lack of action in response to the army's rebellion. Angry protesters shouted insults and threw food and water balloons filled with fermented soup and milk at police and internal security forces gathered for riot control. Despite the mess and the constant verbal scathing and abuse security forces remained calm and held their ground against the angry mob. No injuries were reported as a result of today's demonstrations.

Fredavian resident, Emila Bogrova, had this to say about what she saw today,

"The entire scene was very surprising, especially after hearing what has happened in other cities throughout the country. I was happy to see that the police kept their self control and didn't respond to the insults and taunting of the crowd. These people are just scared and confused and they want to be heard."

Shops and other businesses in downtown Fredavia reported limited damage and only one instance of intentional vandalism. There have been no reported thefts and other crimes as a direct result of the demonstrations and even the mayor of Fredavia calling today a, "successful display of the freedoms imparted upon the Alcovian people by their beneficent monarchy."

Analysts following the developments in Alcovia have commented that this demonstration illustrates the division in the nation. One opinion even went so far as to say that such fervor on both sides of the issue will likely mean that, should war break out, their is all likelihood of seeing civilian militias fighting for both national and rebel agendas.

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