Thursday, November 11, 2010

Increased Security Off The Coast of Theogonia

After Alcovian authorities received a tip that weapons were possibly being smuggled into Alcovia through ports in its province of Theogonia there has been an increase in coastal security.

Since it's annexation by Alcovia in 1940, Theogonia has been a hotbed of unrest. The Alcovian monarchy has maintained a military presence in the country, now considered province of Alcovia, since its invasion in 1935. Still, 75 years later, a strong nationalist faction among the Theogonian people openly opposes Alcovian rule, despite the improvements in industry, infrastructure and quality of life that came with annexation.

It is these nationalist factions that have been blamed for this new security risk and both military and civil authorities have been mobilized in an attempt to actively track down and eliminate any militant factions operating inside Theogonia and Alcovia alike. At this time, all shipments into and out of Theogonia are being put under the most intense of scrutiny with both random and systematic boarding of ocean going vessels, air and rail transport occurring daily and around the clock.

Numerous seizures of private property have been made as the government declares total forfeiture of ownership of any items connected with illegal or illicit activities. One major seizure revealed nearly ten tons of weapons and ammunition all bound for Alcovia through several shipments being directed by the Theogonian militant extremist group known as the Thunderbolt Brigade, a group which had been connected to the bombing of a refinery in the Denothevian district in the Theogonian Highlands in the summer of 2006.

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