Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Escalation Continues

December 1, 2010
Isolated attacks continue since the sporadic onset of hostilities between rebel and national forces. Despite official public protests from leaders on both sides, military units continue to exchange fire throughout the nation in an ever escalating series of raids and counterstrikes. Rebel forces claim provocation by national forces who in turn claim retaliation and self-defense as the reason for their hostilities.

APA forces, having moved out of their bases to establish security perimeters, continue to keep up a good public appearance - helping local citizens, providing unofficial police services, etc.. These zones have become heavily patrolled by forces of the NAA, a situation which has resulted in increased tension, a likely cause for the increasing outbreaks between factions.

The most recent attack occurred in the town of Kuzblat ion the southern region of Kuzbania where rocket artillery from rebel forces was used to attack NAA troops that had moved in to sweep the town for militia cashes an to check on the general well-being of the citizens following the recent pullback of APA troops. A total of fifteen rockets struck the town, killing ten civilians and injuring many more. NAA casualties were proportionately fewer with only one dead and two injured. Several NAA vehicles were damaged and one destroyed, but it was not occupied by its crew at the time. Helicopter gunships were dispatched to the area where the artillery strike originated from where they met a small amount of resistance from APA anti-aircraft before dispatching the attacking artillery units.

APA command declined to comment on the strike, but NAA force commander, Colonel Ilya Kraponya did have this to say,

"These continuing acts of unprovoked aggression from APA forces only serve to show the people of Alcovia just how little General Kusatya and his traitors truly care for the nation they so boldly claim to be liberating. Fortunately, the valiant forces of King Ullo and the NAA are ready to answer all challenges to the rightful rule of the monarchy and its beloved stewardship of Alcovia's beloved citizens."
A very politically charges comment, to say the least, but it does indicate the degree of commitment among national forces in these very trying times.


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