Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fighting in Tugoi

December 18, 2010

Open fighting in Tugoi.

After several days of tense posturing, NAA forces opened fire on APA forces deployed in the area surrounding a northern Alcovian town of Tugoi. After an initial barrage of heavy ordinance fired from mobile artillery and helicopters, the NAA advanced on the entrenched APA motor infantry forces who had spent the last month building up defensive positions on the perimeter of the township.

The APA 51st Motorized Infantry Company, equipped only with light armored personnel carriers and limited artillery assets was quickly overrun by the NAA's 151st Motor Guards who pressed their advantage and brought the rebel forces to a surrender. This was accomplished after several hours of intense and heated combat, leaving much of the town devastated and hundreds dead or inured.

One civilian caught in the fighting, a shopkeeper, said that the royalist forces fought with incredible care for the town, but when the rebels were outmaneuvered or retreated that little regard was shown for the civilian property and safety by the APA forces. This seems to conflict with the rebel claims to be a force for and by the people for the freedom of Alcovia and also contrary to recently highly publicized stories of rebel generosity and civil service.

The commander of the 151st Motor Guards made himself available to reporters in the aftermath and had this to say,

Today's victory has been bittersweet. These rebels who defy their king in the name of change and defense of the people are nothing more than traitors, hiding behind those same people they swear to be protecting. If nothing more, today's fighting has shown the true character of the enemy.
Words said with great conviction...


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