Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coming To Alcovia

It's a real pleasure to join Alcovia at such a momentous, if turbulent time in this small states history. It is going to be fun bringing to life on the tabletop epsiodes from the struggle for control of Alcovia.
At a recent wargames show my mate Maff picked up a platoon of Combat Miniatures (ex-Hotspur) Russians in 'tropical' hat for me. I was always impressed by Tim's Cold War Russians on Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog and couldn't resist the offer to turn these into Alcovian Motor Rifles. These 'hatties' are rounded out with some of Tony's Platoon 20 Modern Russians/CIS in helmets. I've had these Platoon 20 Motor Rifles and VDV since the 1980's and it's a great opportunity to finally get them into action.

My original intention was to buff out the Alcovian rebel forces using the rif raff available from Rolf's extensive range of Liberation Miniatures (RH Models) Cold War/Modern Russian and Balkan Wars figures. However yesterdays release of Wartime Miniatures ultra-modern Russians in a mix of helmets, 'ranger caps' and bandanas made me take a step back and go with these new minis instead.  So a platoon's worth is winging it's way to me to check out .

Wartime Miniatures: MRO4
Modern Russian Support Pack

Under Fire Miniatures have added to the muddle. They also recently released ultra-modern Russians. Fired up by the ultra-nationalist Russian missions in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, both Maff and I bought these based on the photos, only to find that they are very leggy and a whole head taller than other 20mm modern figures. Nevertheless, our idea is for them to be Russian special forces ensuring the integrity and stability of the Alcovian-Russian border through the odd cross-border 'police action'.

Platoon 20, Wartime & Under Fire Miniatures have all benefitted from the ease of ordering their figures online. Clear photos of what you get and straight forward Paypal transactions mean that if mt interest is fired up or if I need to work off a bad day at work through firing off a quick order, I can.

So there we have it. A great mix of figures available to play out Alcovia. Some classics, some new. I'm really looking forward to collecting the forces, painting the miniatures and getting down to some Alcovian action on the tabletop.



Eli Arndt said...

Good to have you here, Mark!

lekw said...

great update can't wait to see some painted alcovians. Like the history sections as well.