Saturday, March 12, 2011


Just won this T80 on Ebay for less than the kit price, so couldn't resist. A little bit of weathering and it should be sorted! I plan to use the T80 as a generic Soviet tank which will be supplemented by a couple of T64Bs from Shaun at S&S Models. Now, believe me, it's well worth emailing Shaun for the S&S pdf catalogues. He has a lot of decent modern Soviet and ex-Warpact kit suitable for Alcovia. I also find him ready to answer any query and turn round an order very quickly.

Shaun emails me to say "Look Mark, I have 'X' now available, are you interested?" As a busy professional with lot's going on at work keeping my mind distracted, this proactive approach means other 20mm Modern or 15mm Sci Fi manufacturers can lose out. And I know that I can just email Shaun back and be confident of receiving the package through my letterbox by the end of that week.



The Angry Lurker said...

Nice bit of kit, have dealt with S&S before, good company.

lekw said...

Very nice looking tank.

Eli Arndt said...

Nice score! I am almost willing to pay for the prepainted/assembled kits. I hate putting models together and am not very good at it either.

I would prefer gaming models, they ares simpler and hold up better, but so far there are some obvious holes in the list of gaming models available.

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

LOL. that's funny - I had my eyes on that dudes' auction. I wanted the T-62 to repaint it for my Iraqis but forgot to place my bid. :-)