Monday, March 7, 2011

Focus on Factions

I'd like to bring some focus to collecting figures for Alcovia.  Whilst I aim to broadly follow Eli's thoughts on the troops for each of the different factions, I think I'll wait till I get them on the table before pinning a monicker to any particular figures.

The standard selection of Russian hardware will naturally remain pretty much standard fare throughout, - AKs, RPKs, RPGs, etc. and the uniforms will of course have a Russian and East European / former Warsaw Pact feel.

The National Alcovian Army (NAA) will have a more uniform look than the Alcovian People's Army (APA) forces, who will be more of a mixed bag. Local village volunteers will have Eli's favourite BYOG (bring your own gun) look.

The Alcovian Liberation Front (ALF), all militias and militants, perfect for displaying the ethnic diversity of Alcovia will be a hodge podge of figures, probably best defined as "Have AK47. Will travel"

Organisation? Always a tricky one - luckily the recent acquisition of Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat helps here. The NAA and APA will be organised as per the Russian List and ALF after the Middle Eastern Alliance. At least to start and we'll take it from there.



Eli Arndt said...

Mark, your angle on the factions mirrors my own thoughts. The ALF will tend to have a very different feel from the other factions which are drawn from the Alcovian military.

There are even the possibilities of foreign interlopers and mercenaries operating within Alcovia.

Mark said...

Deliberately trying to mirror the lead you set Eli whilst meeting my own interests too.

Im saving my favourite OMON helmet troops for cross-border 'stabilisation' missions by Russians.

I also see a role for SAS and 5th SFG "Ghost Recon" style.


The Angry Lurker said...

Mercenaries gives you a lot more options for introducing other factions and figures.