Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alcovia's King Addresses War Torn Nation

October 20, 2011

Today marks the one year anniversary of the civil war in the kingdom of Alcovia. Though there was no lull in the fighting between NAA and APA forces, citizens of the nation gathered in public squares, near their televisions and computers to hear King Ullo address the nation. The king was described as hesitant and pensive as he said these words in his short, direct, but heartfelt address...

King Ullo IV
 Brave people of Alcovia,

Today marks one year since our homeland was wrenched into the crushing grip of a war forced upon us by those who would seek to destroy the sanctity of our way of life. It is not a war for freedom. It is not a war for equality. It is a war brought on by mistrust, misunderstanding, and the inability to look beyond the recent hardships visited upon us all to see the greatness that has and will continue to be Alcovia.

The men who call them revolutionaries, freedom fighters, or even saviors have chosen to abandon their sacred oaths to their nation, to themselves and most importantly to you, the citizens they have sworn to protect. These men, who have taken their cause from simple defiance to open hostility have allowed their fight to spill into your homes. Because of them, you have suffered, you have seen others suffer and you have seen your beloved home cut open to bleed out like a bear on the cold winter snow.

But this you all know...

<King Ullo paused here to clear his throat and wipe his eyes>

But there is more that you should all know.

My cherished people, know that your king, your princes and your army still watch over you and value the love and loyalty you have always shown them. We will not abandon you to these rebels, these bandits, these criminals. Those who you have entrusted and who god has entrusted to protect your way of life will not waver in their pursuit of that solemn duty. They will not stop fighting. They will not stop...dying until those who are responsible for this festering wound of a rebellion are brought to justice.

I ask that all of you remain strong. Remain firm in your beliefs and your convictions. Do not let those who have lost their way drag you down into their blood-stained mud. You all know who you are and what it means to be a true Alcovian. Just as our ancestors fought to come together that they might make something more of their warring clans, so shall we all come together to preserve what they struggled so valiantly to achieve.

It saddens me to say that I cannot tell you when this will all end. What I can tell you is what my own grandfather once told me. When the wind would howl and the snows would threaten to break down our doors, he would take my hand and say only this, "The morning shall make it all better."

It is these words that I hope you will keep with you as you find your way through the trouble night. Look to the day that will make it all better. That day will come. We will bring that day, all of us. Together...

The remainder of the addresses were made by the king's cabinet of advisers with inspirational readings from notable Alcovian authors and poets as well as a somber rendition of the Alcovian national anthem. the address was closed by the reading of the names of all Alcovian citizens, some 4500, who have died on all sides of this conflict.

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