Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alcovian Schnitzel


Thought you might like to see some more of my Alcovian Forces. These are Irregulars/Rebels/Para-Military etc inspired by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I had them painted for me by Mark Griffin of Pumpkin Models and having more done as I really like Mark's wargame painting style. Plus he's a good bloke!

The figures are from Rolf Hedges' Liberation Miniatures and quite fun. Rolf's just released some guys in Balaclava with RPGs so they'll be put on order with Mark too.

You'll have notice that the Alcovian front has stalled in recent weeks. A couple of reasons behind that. Not least of which being a neurological condition which has required me to withdraw from many aspects of my life in order to allow my brain time to repair. I've withdrawn from forums and blogs and don't even look at TMP or Lead Adventure Forum. Winter of '79 has been my one and only wargaming focus and even that has proved difficult at times.  The last two months have seen a turn around but I've needed every ounce of spare energy to get over the last hurdles and after 5 months being variously in hospital and immobilised at home, prepare myself physically, psychologically and emotionally for returning to work, leading a new team in a new office and most importantly, having a normal life once again.

Chatting with Eli recently, we both found that we were experiencing the same 'frustration' with our miniatures. They simply didnt match our own internal visions for Alcovian troops. What had stumped me the most was that my vision of Alcovia was based on the ex-Hotspur range of Afghanistan era Soviets. The originals were lovely models. The inspiration came from Tims Miniature Wargaming Blog - see picture below:

Courtesy of Tims Miniature Wargaming Blog

Well, the first figures I ordered from Stonewall looked like they'd been stamped on before they were despatched and even those Maff carefully picked out for me at a wargames show were still badly moulded and in many cases had broken rifles and RPGs.

Then came a floundering search for replacement minis. Come back 15mm Sci Fi all is forgiven! Each new search presented its own challenges. Whilst sending for samples, corresponding with manufacturers etc ate away at budget, time and enthusiasm. And all this happening against a background of increasingly impaired mental and physical functions.

Rolf finally stepped into the breach, but my god! One can go snow blind looking at those lists without photos ..."as above", "as above", "as above"...... You may say "well there are photos on this that or the other forum" - I say "Bollocks" unless the thread author has said "these are left to right pack RSH11, 12 and  ARSE13" I'm left only slightly less in the dark when the choices are so vast.

All in all, frustrations and false starts turning what was meant to be fun into a morass of futility. You can only compromise your vision so far...... Hopefully Rolf's new 70's-80's Russians in body armour (with covered helmets) will reignite the spark when they are moulded next month. If not, Im calling it quits on Alcovia in 20mm, cutting my losses and moving to 28's.



The Angry Lurker said...

It's bloody frustrating what some manufacturers expect from customers, no other business would get away with it.

Eli Arndt said...

Any idea from Rolf when the new figs are due out?


Mark said...

November mould run according to Rolf.


Frankie said...

Rolf and CP models should give you a discount next time you place an order. I've just placed an order for a hundred quid's worth of toys with them based on your excellent Alcovia and Winter of 79 blogs.