Saturday, October 22, 2011

Armor Update

For the past months I have been slowly but surely accumulating preassembled and if possible prepainted vehicles for use in this setting. I had hoped to use plastic models but found that finding time to assemble and paint them was proving more difficult than I had hoped.

So, what I have managed to accumulate are five T-55s from two different manufacturers (Easy Model & Model Master), two Easy Model BTR-80s and an assembled Trumpeter BTR-80. The preassembled but unpainted BTR-80 was given a turret swap using a RH Models 30mm turret available separately through his website.

I have a few more vehicles on the way but am hoping to focus future purchases on soft skin vehicles and terrain elements along with more infantry. I should also note that I have a whole slew of plastic kits for Russian Hardware so there is the possibility of a big battle played in 20mm some day but only after I'm bold enough to start the grunt work.

Take care,



Frankie said...

Where are you getting your pre-painted vehicles from?

Eli Arndt said...

Ebay. If you are patient, you can get them for about $12-16US after shipping. I often order mine from Hong Kong. I know folks are hesitant but I have ordered a ton of Easy Model and such from Hong Kong Ebay shops.

You will find a limited variety in these types of models but the basics are taken care of.