Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wednesday Firefight: The Novij Boskoj Takedown



Following the fallout over the Eleuthera Bridge shootings, Narcotica Interventura have been given primacy in the investigation of mafiya activity in Trebizon. Acting on information received from a confidential external source, the NI have identified the deserted hamlet of Novij Boskoj as a RV for members of the mafiya hierarchy.

A section of Crisis Reaction Brigade troopers have been assigned to NI to assist in the performance of a snatch; they and an NI agent have been inserted into woodland to the north of the hamlet. Diplomatic and Intelligence agencies from the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations are also online and assistance may be requested.

The mafiya, however, have an arrangement with a local (ie non Trebizon) CIS General whose SIGINT team is monitoring Trebizon communications; the NI/CRB team has a short period in which to perform the snatch before QRFs converge. Likely sources for QRFs are mafiya funded militia, heli borne line infantry and local, non Trebizon, SF. Quality will vary.

Mission Objectives:

  • Primary: To arrest senior members of the mafiya hierarchy
  • Secondary: To destabilise the mafiya hierarchy


All on local radio net

NI Field Agent “Parnsijp” Bottle 8, handgun, body armour; radio link to NI HQ
CRB Sgt, “A” Bottle 9, Leader, AK74 (or SMG), body armour, radio link to CRB HQ
CRB Cpl, “B” Bottle 9, AK74GL, body armour, backup link to CRB HQ
Pvt “C”, Bottle 9 RPD, body armour
Pvt “D” Bottle 8, RPG & SMG, body armour
Pvt “E” Bottle 9, SVD, pistol, body armour
Pvt “F” Bottle 8, AK74, body armour
Pvt “G” Bottle 8, AK74, body armour
Pvt “H” Bottle 8, AK74, body armour

Ministry of Extraordinary Situations

Assistance from this agency is available, if requested roll D6:

1:    Security Breach! Mafiya funded BMP appears

2,3: Sorry cannot connect you at this time

4,5: Deniable Sniper Team from friendly NATO nation has eyes on a Tango which may be eliminated

6:    Trebizon Airforce Helicopter Gunship available for a single gun run                                                        

7:     US SF AC130 available due to GWOT intrigues.

 +1 first call, +1 if mafiya suspects held -1 per call after 1st

Mafiya Targets (Tangos)

“Boris” Boss, red tracksuit, Bottle 7, pistol

“Vanya” Underboss, white suit,  Bottle 8, pistol

“Meat” Bodyguard, Bottle 8, AK47

“Potatoes” Bodyguard, Bottle 8, AK47, flak jacket

Local SF on winter training
Bottle 8, AK47

Heli –borne line troops
Bottle 7, AK47

Mafiya funded militia
Bottle 6, AK47s


 That's tomorrow's game sorted!

Project: MO2 The Farm

The original Ghost Recon on XBox and Alcovia just seem to go hand in hand. So today's personal mission is to have a first stab at building the farm from mission M02.

The farm consists of 4 main elements - the farmhouse, a garage, a chicken house amd of course the Lada. The farmhouse itself is big. I'm going to scale it down slightly to 100x80x80 (excluding extension) so that it doesnt dominate the Faller and other buildings I also use for Alcovia, yet still look a reasonable size.

Hopefully I'll have more to report in a day or so. The telegraph pole and fencing will be Dapol, the Lada from Shaun at S&S. The ploughed field out the back will be one I have from Terra Firma Studios.

And, if you are following my Winter of '79 blog, the hay bales are homebrewed from DAS Clay.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's all gone a bit Lada

I have to smile when I say this but I am really glad to let you know that Shaun at S&S Models has released a 20mm Lada Riva saloon car.  Absolutely perfectamundij for Alcovia.

Every street battle, every militia checkpoint and every gunfight with the polizia needs at least one of these cars!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

.....Breaking News....Elouthera Bridge Shootings.....Breaking News....

The Polizi were today reeling after revelations over "egregarius mishandling and cover ups" over the investigation of an alleged multiple shooting on Elouthera Bridge last night.

In an intial statement released at 4.30 am , the Polizi claimed that they had responded to a traffic incident on the bridge and that reports of shooting had in fact been numerous cars backfiring. By 0930 the story had changed, now there had indeed been shots fired but that it was a minor disturbance and that no one had been hurt.

By 10.35, the Presidential Council had taken the unusual step of calling in the Narkotika Interventura to investgate the incident, stating that "the role of Chief of Operations Pavaroff in this matter leaves us no alternative but to require his resignation". Comissioner Methodius was unavaliable for comment.

At 11.40 Colonel Themis Mavropoulos of the NI made the following statement:
"The initial investigation by NI officers of the crime scene revealed three cars all riddled with bullets, four significant bloodstains on the road and numerous spent rounds in 7.62mm and 9mm calibre, the latter compatible to those used in the Yarygin Pya, although some, to be precise, eight, have not yet been identified. The initial conclusion is that two cars were used to block in the third - a DBS - and that a brief firefight followed. This was clearly an attempted murder, though participants and motive are highly uncertain. Our investigation is ongoing and we wish to interview the owners of an unmarked go-fast boat which was seen moving south, very fast, on the Treb River at the time."

Colonel Mavropoulos, posing for an NI recruitment poster

Meanwhile an American tourist who spoke to us on condition of anonymity said, "I was leaving the nightclub with this Russian girl....my wife...I was leaving the cafe with my WIFE, when I heard shooting about 150 metres away to the NE, I guess by the ramp for that big bridge. I kissed some pavement, taking Olga...Amy...taking AMY, down with me. It sounded like say two shooters with AKs and two more with handguns, just letting rip. Then another guy would fire, two rounds at a time, very deliberate. Then it went quiet and we dusted out stat. You got that? You don't syndicate this stuff do you?"

The abandoned DBS on Elouthera bridge (the bullet holes are on far the side of the car)

No one from the Trebizon Government has yet made any comment, though we were able to speak with Mr Panos Vassos, a former Senior Detective in the Homicide Department who commented, "this, it was amateur; these guys, they were not serious. If they had approached this correctly, then only one man would have been hurt. As it is, there is someone out there, someone who is very serious indeed."

We will bring more on this story as it breaks, now back to Alcovian Housewives, our popular subscription only reality show.......

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Businessman's death suicide confirm Polizi

Trebizon-Hav Polizi today confirmed that the death of Mr Gerry Urquhart was suicide. Mr Urquhart was found in his office by his secretary Ms Camisa Lombardi on Wednesday morning. Commissioner Methodius announced that “our highly trained murder squad deduced that he had tried to shoot himself in the heart, missed and then managed to shoot himself in the head. Our criminal psychologist agrees this is indicative of a sadly worried mind.”

Mr Urquhart had been the Hav Business Director of International Exports (London) Ltd for ten years. The stunned local business community has had little to say over Mr Urquhat’s sad demise. Mr Spiros Vondas of the Hav Chamber of Commerce and a locally respected businessman did agree to make a short statement after a Chamber meeting.

“Gerry was a great guy, he was, like a brother to me. He was a serious man, you could do business with him. You didn’t need insurance with Gerry. He’ll be replaced but this new guy won’t be Gerry – that I am sure of.”

Mr Vondas (right) during a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce

In an unrelated item of news, the Hav Centro tram station has reopened after what the Interior Ministry referred to as “a minor overnight security incident”. A man in evening dress was seen leaving the area but has been discounted by the Polizi – “he was probably some Englishman leaving the Casino after a long night celebrating the Royal Wedding. I’d celebrate too if Miss Pippa Middleton was from Trebizon” commented Commissioner Methodius.

Commissioner Methodius admiring the view outside Westminster Abbey