Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Battlefront Cold War Tanks on the Horizon

Battlefront previewed newer T-55 AM2 models. This is something I have been hoping to find for the Alcovia project.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Armies Army Makers

A New Idea From Armies Army

Armies Army has been a powerhouse of 15mm vehicle and figure design for some time now. Mostly a manufacturer of 15mm science fiction models, Keith has recently started working with Cold War era machines and troops and has now taken his first steps toward a very cool idea in helping out other up and coming designers. He starts this out with Ben Kerr Barnes' Gaz Tigr in 15mm

The Gaz Tigr is a high mobility 4x4 infantry vehicle with a role comparable to that of the US HMMWV. This vehicle entered service in 2006 with the Russian Army, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Naval Infantry, and has been exported to a number of countries including China. It has been seen recently with Russian infantry in Syria and again in large numbers in Crimea. The standard vehicle can carry 9 passengers with the option of fighting from roof hatches and hinged ballistic windows.

According to Keith, he's waiting for the the master to get to him but says that it looks good for molding. Hopefully we will have this proper, modern Russian vehicle in our hands soon.

Check out the progress of the kit and all other Armies Army products at...