Monday, April 1, 2013

UN Finds No Sign of War Crimes - Ethnic Iqenis Protest

Rioting in eastern Alcovian cities today, where ethnic Iqeni citizens and rebel supporters protested the announcement of the UN findings.

According to UN inspectors, there is nothing to suggest any illegal activity on the part of the Alcovian government forces against either military personnel or civilians. In particular, they stated clearly, that there was definitely nothing to even suggest any sort of targeted attacks on any particular ethnicity and that all evidence produced could not be tied to actions on the part of the monarchy or its military forces. 

Spokespersons for the Iqeni population of Alcovia disputed these findings in public address over local radio broadcasts as well as in public forums. These addresses are being held responsible for today's violence that exploded in several cities and towns across eastern Alcovia as well as towns and settlements further toward the center of the nation. Iqeni national news has reported the riots as a cry of pain and horror at the plight of its natives living abroad.

In several clashes with both military and civilian authorities, ethnic Iqenis took to the streets carrying signs and shouting slogans such as the popular, "Iqeni Murder, Alcovian Lies!" In many situations APA rebel forces were forced to defend themselves from the very people they had been fighting for as hotter heads prevailed and lines were drawn along ethnic lines rather than political agendas.

Casualties have been reported and both military and civilians are reporting deaths and countless injuries attributed to the violence. Property damage is also being declared as substantial with many fires tearing through overcrowded eastern Alcovian border settlements. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

World Peace Organizations Declare Bad Form


World peace watch dogs criticized the Alcovian monarchy today over the delivery of new weapons and munitions during the ongoing cease fire which has now last much longer than had originally been expected. While the government asserts that the weapons delivery, which has been identified as a number of new Russian built T-90 main battle tanks, was already ordered well before the outbreak of hostilities between the national and rebel forces.

"The procurement of new weapons and munitions for the defense of our nation has always been an ongoing concern of the monarchy. The equipment that was delivered was part of this ongoing process and the date of delivery was something arranged at a time when there was no war." - Vice Minister of Defense of Pavel Oshetski.

Sources from eastern Alcovia say that these tanks had originally been set for delivery much earlier and were to have been deployed in eastern Alcovia along the Alcovia/Iqenistan border. Had this original delivery date been kept, the new advanced tanks would likely now be operating in rebel formations. Instead, the delayed delivery will place the tanks in the still loyal, national units. Whether or not the delayed delivery was intentional and employed as a precaution against early rumblings of rebellion has not been verified. It is also worth noting, that poor supply and aging equipment was one of the main reasons cited by the APA rebels for their defection.