Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project: MO2 The Farm

The original Ghost Recon on XBox and Alcovia just seem to go hand in hand. So today's personal mission is to have a first stab at building the farm from mission M02.

The farm consists of 4 main elements - the farmhouse, a garage, a chicken house amd of course the Lada. The farmhouse itself is big. I'm going to scale it down slightly to 100x80x80 (excluding extension) so that it doesnt dominate the Faller and other buildings I also use for Alcovia, yet still look a reasonable size.

Hopefully I'll have more to report in a day or so. The telegraph pole and fencing will be Dapol, the Lada from Shaun at S&S. The ploughed field out the back will be one I have from Terra Firma Studios.

And, if you are following my Winter of '79 blog, the hay bales are homebrewed from DAS Clay.


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The Angry Lurker said...

Go for it, will like to see how it turns out.