Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wednesday Firefight: The Novij Boskoj Takedown



Following the fallout over the Eleuthera Bridge shootings, Narcotica Interventura have been given primacy in the investigation of mafiya activity in Trebizon. Acting on information received from a confidential external source, the NI have identified the deserted hamlet of Novij Boskoj as a RV for members of the mafiya hierarchy.

A section of Crisis Reaction Brigade troopers have been assigned to NI to assist in the performance of a snatch; they and an NI agent have been inserted into woodland to the north of the hamlet. Diplomatic and Intelligence agencies from the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations are also online and assistance may be requested.

The mafiya, however, have an arrangement with a local (ie non Trebizon) CIS General whose SIGINT team is monitoring Trebizon communications; the NI/CRB team has a short period in which to perform the snatch before QRFs converge. Likely sources for QRFs are mafiya funded militia, heli borne line infantry and local, non Trebizon, SF. Quality will vary.

Mission Objectives:

  • Primary: To arrest senior members of the mafiya hierarchy
  • Secondary: To destabilise the mafiya hierarchy


All on local radio net

NI Field Agent “Parnsijp” Bottle 8, handgun, body armour; radio link to NI HQ
CRB Sgt, “A” Bottle 9, Leader, AK74 (or SMG), body armour, radio link to CRB HQ
CRB Cpl, “B” Bottle 9, AK74GL, body armour, backup link to CRB HQ
Pvt “C”, Bottle 9 RPD, body armour
Pvt “D” Bottle 8, RPG & SMG, body armour
Pvt “E” Bottle 9, SVD, pistol, body armour
Pvt “F” Bottle 8, AK74, body armour
Pvt “G” Bottle 8, AK74, body armour
Pvt “H” Bottle 8, AK74, body armour

Ministry of Extraordinary Situations

Assistance from this agency is available, if requested roll D6:

1:    Security Breach! Mafiya funded BMP appears

2,3: Sorry cannot connect you at this time

4,5: Deniable Sniper Team from friendly NATO nation has eyes on a Tango which may be eliminated

6:    Trebizon Airforce Helicopter Gunship available for a single gun run                                                        

7:     US SF AC130 available due to GWOT intrigues.

 +1 first call, +1 if mafiya suspects held -1 per call after 1st

Mafiya Targets (Tangos)

“Boris” Boss, red tracksuit, Bottle 7, pistol

“Vanya” Underboss, white suit,  Bottle 8, pistol

“Meat” Bodyguard, Bottle 8, AK47

“Potatoes” Bodyguard, Bottle 8, AK47, flak jacket

Local SF on winter training
Bottle 8, AK47

Heli –borne line troops
Bottle 7, AK47

Mafiya funded militia
Bottle 6, AK47s


 That's tomorrow's game sorted!


Cronickain said...

Nice writeup!

When the Cold War Gone Hot supplement comes out for Force on Force I highly recommend you take a look at it for Alcovia.

Dangerous Brian said...

I really love what you're doing with Alcovia. It's turned into everything I hoped Untied Kingdom would be.

Eli Arndt said...

Brian, thanks for the comments. I am very happy that Maff and Mark joined in. I am pretty sure alcovia would have stalled out or died without their motivation and participation.


Dangerous Brian said...

Yup, you three are doing good things together.