Sunday, May 1, 2011

Businessman's death suicide confirm Polizi

Trebizon-Hav Polizi today confirmed that the death of Mr Gerry Urquhart was suicide. Mr Urquhart was found in his office by his secretary Ms Camisa Lombardi on Wednesday morning. Commissioner Methodius announced that “our highly trained murder squad deduced that he had tried to shoot himself in the heart, missed and then managed to shoot himself in the head. Our criminal psychologist agrees this is indicative of a sadly worried mind.”

Mr Urquhart had been the Hav Business Director of International Exports (London) Ltd for ten years. The stunned local business community has had little to say over Mr Urquhat’s sad demise. Mr Spiros Vondas of the Hav Chamber of Commerce and a locally respected businessman did agree to make a short statement after a Chamber meeting.

“Gerry was a great guy, he was, like a brother to me. He was a serious man, you could do business with him. You didn’t need insurance with Gerry. He’ll be replaced but this new guy won’t be Gerry – that I am sure of.”

Mr Vondas (right) during a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce

In an unrelated item of news, the Hav Centro tram station has reopened after what the Interior Ministry referred to as “a minor overnight security incident”. A man in evening dress was seen leaving the area but has been discounted by the Polizi – “he was probably some Englishman leaving the Casino after a long night celebrating the Royal Wedding. I’d celebrate too if Miss Pippa Middleton was from Trebizon” commented Commissioner Methodius.

Commissioner Methodius admiring the view outside Westminster Abbey


The Angry Lurker said...

Good work I like that, missed and then shot himself in the head, a man was seen leaving the area in evening dress....very well done.

Master Chef said...

Thank you Lurker, Trebizon TV appreciates your support.