Friday, November 4, 2011

Alcovian Village Houses

Looking to expand my Alcovian village, I picked up this group of three Triang OO station kiosks for just £1.99 on eBay. The single storey, hipped roof architecture is just right for Alcovia. Well, at less than 70p each that is.

Their footprint is 90mmLx60mmWx65mmH which makes them perfect for 20mm figures. They look a bit bland right now but imagine them with corrugated iron verandas, maybe barn doors or an extension covering the opening - could even turn it into a walk-in village Borsch shop.

Not far off, eh?

A couple of extra windows are necessary and potentially, I could add a small dormer in the roof to give the building an upstairs but I'm not convinced in this instance.

Finish off with wooden or breeze block or mud brick extensions out the back and/or to the side, catslide tin roofs and a small brick chimney and we're done!

Well almost..... The walls are smooth and I am already thinking of some sort of rendering or a mix of rendering and exposed plasticard or cardboard breeze blocks/random stone.


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