Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Why does Alcovia use non-Russian Vehicles?

The real answer is model availability. Most miniatures ranges have yet to catch up to even the 90s. So I filled in blanks with hardware from other nations. This lead to some cool narrative (reason two).

The optional vehicles I chose started with the French VBL because there were no Russin Tigr or Otokar Cobras available in 15mm. This then created a narrative where Alcovia was upgrading the electronics on its Russian tanks with French electronics, similar to the Czechs. This then led me to deciding that Alcovia was phasing out its aging Russian helos moving from Hinds and Hips to Eurocopter Tigers purchased from the French.

This ends up giving Alcovia a very unique personality as a monarchy trying to move out from the shadow of its former Soviet/Russian neighbors to become a mare NATO like nation.


Chris said...

I like to mix things up for my modern ImagiNations. I have nations that have a combinations of weapons all the way down to small arms.

Eli Arndt said...

I enjoy the organic way in which I came to this. Necessity being the mother of imagination, in this case.

commissarmoody said...

Nice to See Alcovia again. I know for my East Prussian Rump state of the former DDR, I will be using Soviet/Russian Fed and some Modern Chinese kit.

Eli Arndt said...

As you should.