Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coming Together

I finally think I have my ducks in a row and am just waiting for them all to come home to roost. Though I had planned to get going earlier than this, the past few months have proven a bit less forgiving then would have been optimal. Time divided between work, family, the holidays and other hobby projects has unfortunately left Alcovia a bit of a lonely child left behind.

The news feeds and bit of background fluff have been a way for me to keep my mind, and hopefully yours, in the game so to speak. Not only do they paint a picture of what is going on in the country leading up to the real game play but they are a way for me to keep my brain primed for the setting. Without the blog, Alcovia might have slipped into the obscure back corner of the vast pallet that is my hobby life.

The good news is that I now seem to have the pieces falling into place. I have the last few miniatures that I need to make playable forces on their way now - LMGs, command, and rocket launchers. These should arrive in a couple of weeks, allowing me to finish converting and painting the figs I already have.

I also have some vehicles on their way. I finally found some good deals on plastic and diecast vehicles and a few Christmas presents are filling in a gap or two. Due to the availability of models, Alcovia will now be fielding the T-62 as well as the T-55 and T-72.

Terrain is the next real order of business. I have wilderness terrain enough to play conflicts on the outskirts, but I have no buildings or other man made structures in 20mm scale. I don't imagine they will be hard to make, it's just finding the time to do them.

Once I have the basics out of the way, I can start growing the collection slowly and adding new elements to the games as they present themselves.

The New Year should hopefully get this project into gear.


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Cronickain said...

Cant wait to see them in action bro!