Monday, January 24, 2011

[USE ME] Alcovian Motor Rifle Troops

After my impromptu solo game using the USE ME system, I took some time today to write out some proper unit write-ups with points values to demonstrate, to those who may not be familiar, how USE ME looks on a stats level.

The system is intended to be incredibly generic and really simple, fitting into the tiniest little rule book you will ever see in official print - about the same dimensions as a typical miniatures blister pack. There are only three kinds of vehicles in USE ME and the ability to armor them or not. The weapons are expressed as a matter of broad categories. Interpreting specific equipment and vehicles often requires a bit of squinting to blur the particulars.

For the purposes of this first run, I decided that I would categorize armored vehicles thus - APCs would count as Light, medium tanks would be Heavy and anything in the category of an Abrams or Challenger would be Super Heavy. A bit of wiggling can be achieved here by the decision to classify a vehicle as armored or not. A URAL or UAZ is a Light vehicle but unarmored. The difference between a T-55 and a T-72 could be that a T-55 is a Heavy and a T-72 is an Armored Heavy. Vague differences to be sure, but this isn't a nuts and bolts game.

Listed below are some of the write-ups for the National Alcovian Army forces used in the scenario.

BTR-70 APC (Armored Light Vehicle) – 25pts
Elan: 3                   Move: 12”
Attack Type:          Vehicle Automatic Weapon (Autocannon)

Soldier (Infantry) – 10pts
Elan: 3                   Move: 4”
Attack Type:          Superior Rifle (AK)

SAW (Infantry) – 11pts
Elan: 3                   Move: 4”
Attack Type:          Heavy Weapon (RPK)

RPG Team (Infantry) – 24pts
Elan: 3                   Move: 4”
Attack Type:          Direct Support Weapon (RPG)
                               Superior Rifle (AK)

Captain Irengutz (Infantry Hero) – 20pts
Elan: 5                   Move: 4”
Attack Type:          Superior Rifle (AK)

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