Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prisoners Taken in New Year's Fighting

January 23, 2011

News of fighting in the eastern city of Bunchabal has been confirmed.

While patrolling through the small city, NAA forces came under sudden attack, ambushed by APA infantry that had taken up positions in the ten stories, this elevation provided plenty of positions for the attacking snipers and rockets that rained down on national forces. It was only the quick thinking and maneuvering of unit's commander Captain Yubel Irengutz that prevented the attack from being a massive catastrophe for his unit.

Captain Irengutz maneuvered his light vehicle under the cover of a nearby parking structure where he created a defensive position from which to return fire and give himself time to evaluate the situation. Once in position, the brave NAA captain was able to locate the main enemy positions and direct concentrated fire on those locations. This provided covering fire for him to deploy two small teams of soldiers to outflank the ambushers.

Several NAA soldiers were injured in the ensuing firefight as the fire teams moved through several floors of the surrounding buildings, guided by Captain Irengutz and his radio operator who called out the positions of various sniper and rocket teams as they were pinpointed. Rooftop snipers where eventually taken out by helicopter strikes as the captain was finally able to call in support from a nearby patrol.

After nearly nine hours of continuous fighting, NAA forces were able to secure the area. Exact numbers of dead have not been released at this time, but it is known that several prisoners were taken, junior officers and NCOs in the APA. The firefight also provided additional evidence to the growing number of civilian volunteers and militia groups that are becoming involved in the conflict. No civilian prisoners were taken as all either perished in the fighting or took their own lives rather than be captured.

[This is a newscast summary of a simple solo game I played using the USE ME rules by Though intended for use with science fiction miniatures, the rules are incredibly simple and lent themselves well to an ad hock game. As I do not have my 20mm stuff ready yet, this was played with existing 15mm figs from my collection with books and boxes standing in for proper buildings. Very fun nonetheless, but not overly photogenic.]

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