Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vehicles Too!

Well the build-up continues and I am finally in a position where I might be able to get a few test battles in. Though I'd like to have a few more APCs and soft skins in the collection eventually, this will give me something to work with for patrol vs patrol or ambush scenarios.

At this time, I have the following vehicles -

  • 3 x T-55s - two pre-assembled models and on Trumpeter kit
  • 2 x T-62 kits
  • 1 x T-34 - this will be converted to an AAA carrier once I have the gun.
  • 1 x BTR-60 - this is going to get an updated remote turret from RH Models.

A note on the kits. The Trumpeter model seems to be the most gamer friendly of them. The entire under carriage is pretty much pre-assembled as one part. All you have to do is glue the wheels on. The rest of them have undercarriages that are made up of multiple parts. The drawback to the Trumpeter kit is the lack of a spotlight. I may have to scratch build one and come up with a way to do a resin-cast of it. Trumpeter does do some engineering versions of the T-55 that have the spotlight, so maybe I'll get some of those and just ditch the dozer blades and mine sweepers to the bits box.

The two pre-assembled kits were from MRC and though they get sold along side the other diecast models, they are not. These models are all plastic which was a bit of a surprise to me when I pulled them out of their insanely well-packed boxes. The box was reinforced by a plastic frame at either end and the tank secured to the packaging by two screws requiring a screwdriver to remove.

For now, I have enough tanks and need more APCs and trucks. Also some civilian vehicles would be good, though I'm not sure of a good source for modern eastern European vehicles in 1/72.



Cronickain said...

Looking forward to what comes next!

lekw said...

Very nice to see things moving along. I just purchased a die cast T54 myself very nice vehicle.