Monday, January 3, 2011


Just a quick post showing folks that Crisis in Alcovia is more than just vaporware. I've got a good 50+ Liberation miniatures from RH Models in the works.

The quick camera phone snap shows the larger group of hat and camouflage fatigue wearing Russians with AKs. The gents with the green stuff are a bunch of figures wearing what look like civilian coats and M40 helmets, carrying AK-47s. The green stuff I'm adding to make them each a little more unique with scarves, pouches, backpacks, a beard and even a couple of puffy jackets and vests. I'll give more detailed looks at them when I have a chance to take some quality pics.

I still need to figure out a way to get a spotlight for a Trumpeter T-55 model. The darned thing doesn't come with one.



The Angry Lurker said...

Very nice I like this whole period and genre.

Cronickain said...

Looking great eli!