Tuesday, April 26, 2011

UN Aid Camp Operating in Iqenistan

April 26, 2011

UN Medical Personnel have been allowed to set up a medical aid encampment in western Iqenistan after any peacekeeper presence was disallowed within Alcovian borders.

With Alcovian leadership vehemently maintaining its position that the civil war be contained as an exclusively internal matter, foreign aid has been severely hampered and limited only to civilian groups and organizations operating independent of any government or government agency. King Ullo has stated that the situation in Alcovia is nowhere near critical enough to require foreign military aid or outside security forces. This has, not surprisingly, left the international authority frustrated and concerned over the whether or not the Alcovian monarchy still maintains a clear perception of the growing crisis within its borders.

Pakistani UN facilities commander Colonel Misor Pakhiman indicated that the Iqeni allowance of a medical station poised on the Alcovian/Iqenistan border would allow the UN to provide some aid to civilian casualties, even if such action was being done under strict scrutiny and by the permission of Alcovian forces on both sides of the conflict. Col. Pakhiman informed a press conference that transportation to the UN facility was being provided by civilian and UN ferry boats and limited airlift services from safe zone loading points on the Alcovian side of the Borka river.
So far, no UN forces have come under any sort of direct military engagement by either loyalist or rebel regular military forces, though thereh ave been isolated incidents of militias firing on UN and Alcovian transports as they transition casualties from military to peacekeeper vehicles at the designated aid stations. So far no loss of life or material has come from these attacks though they have made humanitarian efforts difficult.

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