Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A blast from the past

In a safe curry house, somewhere in Herefordshire, Captain P reminisces:

".....Back in '83 I was posted to Akorotiri on the Special Projects Team, training up locals from the Iqmemistani National Resistance. We had this fastball, direct from D Ops in London, no scalphunters available so we picked it up. Deploy by next BA flight to Athens, then drive up country to Hav, pick up kit from Urquhart, tab up to the Alcovia border to the Lampardij Ladu Pass, get into a LUP and wait for a convoy of Warpact military to meet this BMW, take out the guy in the safari suit from the beemer. Home for tea and medals. Easy. Yeah, right. Yeah, pile into the poppadoms, the brinjal pickle is cracking...."

"Anyway, the target was this Major Bostic of the Alcovian Gendarmerie, a local fixer and all round bad guy. He wasn't on our "to do list", apparently the DGST had it in for him but being frogs and useless had no local capability. Meanwhile D Ops, a devious sod called Burnside, needed a favour from the French and Bostic was their price. So there we were, me and Angus up to our knees in goatshit, eyes on target, only matey boy Bostic has half the Alcovian Gendarmerie with him and he's swigging vodka with these guys in blue berets who have 'spetsnatz' tattooed on their knuckles; Angus is saying "do I take the shot, Boss?' and all I can think is 'I hate salt on my chips, let alone mining the stuff for the rest of my natural'. Happy days. What did I do? First things first, lad - mine's a chicken saag, pilau rice, two kheema naans and another large Tiger. Cheers!"

As soon as Captain P has worked his way through his curry, he'll be here to finish his yarn, pull up your sandbag and watch this space....



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