Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Down to the wire

We return to Captain Price's top curry house, somewhere in Herefordshire, with a post chicken saag tiger beer, the Captain finishes his story....

"Great, mints..... now, there we were ghillied up in a hide on this ridge extending into the Ladu Pass, with the road winding around it in a U shape; Angus has a good shot lined up, our exits are clear so I give him the OK to shoot. As I did, I ping a file of guys in balaclavas, woolie hats, the usual militia walters, bimbling off on our right. Too late, Bostic is down, his guys are piling into their trucks and the spetsnatz are heading for the woods.....I reckoned on a couple of options, sneak back to the border through the woods, relying on the ghillie suits and banjoing any local heavies who popped up; second, lurk down to the BMW hotwire it and floor it to the border or thirdly, stick to the ridge and then cut back to the border. The patrol was getting closer, the guys in the trucks were driving off to the checkpoint in a hurry and the spetsnatz had gone to ground somewhere......OK, the woods it was. Now, visual aids....this knife is the ridge, these mints they're the woods and the border is over there by the beers....."

The Ladu Pass in happier times

Captain Price (left) and Trooper Angus "Smelly" McTavish (right)

cunningly concealed as trees Bostic is down, the Border Guards realise that with a VIP
dead, they really need to be elsewhere; the local balaclava boys go for a stroll

The SAS hide in the rocks while the Militia "patrol" past

And the Militia still cant spot the SAS - but uhoh, the SAS can see the Spetsnatz

Price and Angus pretend to be trees once again

The Spetsnatz stop, have a cigarette, think, realise "that's not a tree!"
and make their move. Angus drops one and the SAS take a lot of return fire but succesfully lurk backwards into the woods and then leg it for the border

"There's the wire Angus!"

"Action right Boss!"

The Alcovian Border guards time their patrol to perfection

Or not.

Angus drops one and Price banjos the other two with his MP5, over the wire and away.

"What were the Alcovians doing on the Hav side of the wire, Boss?"

"Shut up and keep running"

"So, Bostic slotted, pursuit evaded and banjoed as appropriate and me and Angus back to Hav in time for the floorshow at the Casino. Of course, back this summer, Craig from the Scalphunters nailed Urquhart in his Hav office, so I reckon he'd sold us out to the bad guys. Right, I'm off, nah, the curry's on me. Cheers!"

Captain Price calls for a taxi from the curry house

A thoroughly fun game with far less shooting than usual. Heavily inspired by CoD MW. Figures - Liberation Minis, terrain - mainly FoW Battlefield in a Box, barbed wire made in Hong Kong approx 1968, rules - Cold War 83. Curryhouse - The Panama. Angus? Soap's less famous brother. And a final word from Captain Price:

"Angus chopped Bostic back in '83. One hell of a suprise to see him meeting some Bongolesian gun runners in Hav in 2011. We're going to have to shoot him again."




Dangerous Brian said...

Great scenario and a great review. In the words of the immortal Price, "Good one".

Frankie said...

Great scenario and write-up! Barbed wire made in Hong Kong circa 1968 eh? Are you a former member of the HKSW by any chance Maff?

MasterChef said...

Gents, thank you for the kind words. I forgot to mention, some figs were Pltn 20 and the BMD is an S&S kit.

Frankie - never been further east than Olu Deniz; the wire was in a pack of plastic airfix ripoffs, out of scale tanks and some dragonsteeth my mum bought me as a kid - I still have the wire and dragonsteeth as they are pretty much 15-20mm. I've never based them up, painted them or glued them out of sheer nostalgia.