Friday, November 11, 2011

Hav-Trebizon Government makes formal denial

"Good Evening, we interupt our popular soap opera 'Alcovians do the funniest things' to bring you an announcement by Minister of Protocol Vannos Sperakos."

"The Government of Hav-Trebizon has become aware of speculation, misguided speculation, as to the involvement of the Republic of Hav-Trebizon in the assassination of an Alcovian officer by British Special Forces in 1985. We deny this completely; the actions of the then Levantine Republic of Hav, which of course expired in the Co-National Crisis of 1986, cannot be laid at our door. No doubt things were done by many people that would be regretted were those persons still in power or even alive, presuming that those actions even took place. Today, the United Nations Mentoring (force) Trebizon-Hav (UNMENTH) would never allow our armed forces to act in such a way.

Furthermore, the officer, a Major, now General, Bostic is alive, well and living in Trebizon as a respected member of the expatriate Alcovian business community. So, you have to ask, assassination, what assassination? We must also refute internet desciptions of our honoured Bongolesian guests as "gun runners". Bongolesia is a major trading partner of ours, the agricultural spare parts sector is booming thanks to their entrepeneurial flair and they are always welcome here - the tragic death of three Bongolesian diplomats in a broom cupboard in the Royale Casino last summer haunts me still. Thank you."

"And now we return to 'Alcovians do the funniest things' where Latka is still looking for his goats in the potato shed......"



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