Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fast Ball in the Outfield!

The UNMENTH Office & FOB, somewhere in Hav

Captain Price: "Soap! Op on! Ops room now!........You're on the bloody Xbox aren't you?"
Soap: ".......Yes Boss.....Call of Honour3 Contemporary Warfare, really ally stuff...........the op?"
Captain Price: "An Italian Parliamentary Deputy has been grabbed by the Slavicovan National Army and is being held in a farm near Hradsograd."
Soap: "NRA? They're nutters! "
Captain Price: "Right. We have less than 24 hours before they top him or the Italians give them what they want. "
Soap: " We'll need to get across to NE Alcovia....boss , Ullos got one on for us already, he'll bite the carpet if we overfly..."
Captain Price: "Sorted - some of those Iqmenis I trained are on their army council, they'll let us stage out of one of their bases."
Soap: "Nice one Boss."
Captain Price: "OK, whose on Readiness? "
Soap: "Butch is on leave, Snooze is in trieste , Dai has the D&Vs so it's you me and Stench."
Captain Price: "Right, get onto Mavrakis at the CRB. Tell him to have 2 bricks of his best blokes ready to move now, then you select 8 of them. Make sure they have NATO kit, not that Hav spetsnatz wannabe stuff. Ok?"
Soap: "Crystal. Epirou airhead in 2?"
Captain Price: "Good one. Move it!"

Transmission ends; further report to follow.....



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