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October 20, 2010
This morning members of the armed forces in the nation of Alcovia declared their independence from their government, naming themselves the Alcovian People's Army.

Citing recent economic instability, abuses of government powers, concerns about the use of military force against citizens, and following a months long labor strike which renderred secondary military units nearly immobile due to rationing of petrol, General Yuri Kusatya announced his goal of resting power from one of the last remaining monarchies on the Eurasian continents.

General Kusatya said,
"Too long has Alcovia suffered under the indifferent and ignoble stewardship of a pampered and aloof ruling class."
His statement and declaration of rebellion came as a bit of a surprise to both Alcovian leaders and the world community as he had just recently been awarded one of Alcovia's most prestigious peacetime decorations. World leaders have also commented that Alcovia's monarchy has long had a tradition of patriotic service to its people and that the allegations of General Kusatya and other members of the APA are unfounded and merely the product of idle militarists and unrest created by severe economic and social crisis in recent decades.

At this time, at least three military outposts on the border between Alcovia and Iqenistan have declared their allegiance to the APA and all outside contact with those bases has been discontinued. In addition, the southernmost river navy depot at Palutka has also closed off communications with Alcovian central command, though they have yet to make any public announcement as to their allegiance in the growing crisis. It should be noted that Palutka is the home base of the renowned Alcovia River Marines, the only Alcovian troops to have been deployed with Coalition forces in the war in Iraq.

King Ullo II, ruler of Alcovia was unavailable for comment, but his eldest son, Prince Ilya did have this to say,
"At this time, the Alcovian monarchy is not considering this a declaration of war, but rather a political maneuver and a civil outcry. Alcovia's monarchy has always valued and supported its military and its people, but all Alcovian citizens must adapt to the times and it is inevitable that some sacrifices may have to be made. It is our hope that a peaceful solution can be had to this most concerning development."
At this time it is unclear where these developments in the modest Balkan nation will lead, but leading analysts are favorable in their predictions.

More news as it becomes available...

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