Saturday, October 30, 2010

Militias Confirmed in Alcovia

October 30, 2010

Authorities in Alcovia have confirmed the existence of armed militias forming within the civilian population of their country.

Following information provided by concerned citizens, confidential informants and intelligence gathered by internal security forces, authorities raided several locations and discovered caches of weapons, materials and facilities consistent with the training, equipping and deploying armed militia troops. It was determined that enough material had been collected in these raids to equip at least fifty individuals for up to two months, perhaps longer if the militias were operating in small groups.

Officials have been discouraged by the fact that, in all these raids, only less than two dozen individuals have been arrested in direct connection to the caches with another two dozen having been held under suspicion of involvement with these militia groups. Authorities are finding local citizens unwilling to cooperate and, in some cases, have even found them  to be outright defiant in the face of security forces.

The discovery is deservedly unsettling to authorities who had hoped that conflict in Alcovia would remain between regular military forces and out of the civilian population. Security throughout the nation is being increased with checkpoints set up between districts in most major cities as well as routine checkpoints along major roads and highways. In the capital, Chubakrev, a curfew has been enacted in some areas limiting movement through these areas to necessary traffic only.

Prince Ilya offered his assurances to the people of Alcovia that order will be restored and that all diplomatic routes are being explored before any commitment to a military solution are considered. Though this comforting statement was welcomed by many citizens, there are still many who question the monarchy's ability to keep the country from exploding into violence, a sentiment compounded by the absence of King Ullo who has yet to make himself seen or heard since the initial outbreak of rebellion.

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