Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rules of Warfare

I have to admit that it has been FOREVER since I have been able to push lead. My gaming group mainly does the board game thing these days and my miniatures interests generally outreach most of their interest levels. I do have to be fair and say that they do humor me and occasionally jump in full on some of my minis pursuits. This leaves me a bit under-prepared rules wise for this sort of campaign.
I have collected a few systems over the years, but haven't had much of a chance to play them and so can't claim much in the way of experience or familiarity with any particular system. I am considering Ambush Alley, Force on Force, and even Charlie Don't Surf or Stargrunt. I am a bit unsure what sorts of rules will fit best, or if even a single rules system is the way to go. I am more inclined to keep several rules systems going as different systems can be adopted to achieve different levels of play.

I've already got Stargrunt and the Ambush Alley games, so maybe those are systems to start with. I also have a few free rules sets laying about as well as a couple of quick and dirty beer and pretzel rules sheets I've thrown together myself now and again.

I'm open to suggestions, if anyone has them.



ScannableGoose said...

From my experience (which isn't a huge amount really) all three rulesets are really modelling different sized engagements.
Stargrunt II is probably in it's element with up to a couple of squads. AA/FoF is best suited to a platoon with reinforcements. Charlie Don't Surf is really a company+ level game, although it can be used at less than a company.
There may be room for all three in Alcovia.

Dangerous Brian said...

Goose makes a good point. I had been thinking along similar lines myself, with Cold War Commander as my Rules for the big battalions.

Cronickain said...

Exactly what Goose said man. I like FOF and AA but SGII and Dirtside II (which is what you'd use). I'd suggest using an insurgent action using AA and if you like that try a larger regular versus regular game with FOF. CDS is good for Vietnam.

Master Chef said...

From a game I just had, SAS versus errr local troublemakers, "Cold War 83" is a fine set of rules for say 2-3 squad or so per side, maybe a vehicle or two

Eli Arndt said...

Will have to add that to the list. I'm looking to cut costs on rules and save the money where it belongs - the miniatures.


Cronickain said...

You can get dirtside II for free from GZG site.