Wednesday, October 27, 2010

General Kusatya Speaks

October 27, 2010
Early this morning, the rebel Alcovian commander, General Yuri Kusatya released a brief but decisive statement to the press. Though he did not make himself available for interview, the general was careful to include any and all mainstream media outlets inside Alcovia and its neighbor states. Here are the general's words as received by direct communication...

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"People of Alcovia, the time has come for me to speak. Many things have been said about me and the loyal patriotic soldiers who have followed my cause and I feel I must address these claims and make clear my motives

First, let me be clear, that I am not a traitor. My decision to separate myself from the government was not made out of any malice for my homeland or its people, but out of a sense of duty - the same duty that has kept me at the front of the NAA for so many long years. I have shed blood in defense of my nation, both that of my enemies and my own and now I feel called to do so for the future of Alcovia, if need be.

The APA, is an army of liberation. Liberation from archaic, self-absorbed royalty and an way of life that has long disappeared in most of the world. King Ullo and his family have made many bad choices in the name of this country without any of your having any say. His misguided leadership has led out country to the brink of ruin and left honest, good Alcovians to rot while foreigners invade our country bringing disease, crime, and poverty with them. I will take this country back for its people.

I challenge King Ullo to meet me and discuss the surrender of his crown to the people and to step down from his throne. I call upon him to do the right thing and make Alcovia a nation of democracy, a nation of progress, and a nation for the future. If he will not listen, then I will be left with no choice, but to force him from his palace and put him in the street where he will have no choice but to face the people he seems to have abandoned.

In closing, let me say that the freedom of Alcovia rests not just in the hands of the APA but in hands of her people. Let all able-bodied Alcovians make their voices heard and leave no doubt for the king. Let him know that you will have no more of his indifference.

Let him know that Alcovia belongs to her people."

Bold words from the general, but the words of a man who truly loves his country and who seems to not want war.

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