Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Car Bombing in Alcovian Capital

October 26, 2010
Fifteen people were injured and two killed when a moving truck packed with explosives was detonated in the middle of residential neighborhood in Alcovia's capital city of Chubakrev.

Eye witness accounts indicate that the truck had been parked in front of an unoccupied home for several days prior to the explosion. One source indicated that the explosion was triggered when a local child, curious about the seemingly abandoned truck, tried to open the back of the vehicle. The resulting explosion sent flaming debris into neighboring homes, creating a number of secondary explosions and fires as nearby vehicles exploded or open fuel sources such as propane and carousine were touched off.

The neighborhood, home to many immigrant families, many of whom come from neighboring Iqenistan, had never had a history of violence or any sort of overt conflict. Long-time residents of the neighborhood described the area as, "surprisingly peaceful" in past years, despite the unrest of the past few decades.

One man, a local merchant, was quoted as saying,

"This has always been a good place to live. People here are all poor and do what they can to help one another. I cannot understand why somebody would want to do something like this to innocent, good people"

Alcovian authorities had received several calls from concerned residents in the neighborhood prior to the explosions, but sources indicate that these concerns were deemed as low priority. The truck had been put on a list of abandoned vehicles and was pending inspection by local police when an officer could be made available. When questioned about their seeming lack of concern, one officer responded,

"These neighborhoods are full of abandoned or stolen vehicles..."

Given the recent increase in national security and the fact that this occurred in the nation's own capital, the bombing has many people concerned over just how seriously the monarchy is taking the safety of its citizens in light of recent events.

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