Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Shots in Alcovia

October 24, 2010
Eight Alcovian soldiers were killed today when their unnarmed transport helicopter was shot down while on approach to the Puchof army base in the northwest region of Alcovia. The helicopter, which had been dispatched with a negotiating party, was flying low, along the open plain south of the base when it came under fire. Radio traffic received from the helicopter's crew indicates that the attack came suddenly and without warning.

Emergency teams responding to the crash reported that the helicopter had been riddled with heavy weapons fire. No signs of any sort of missile explosions were evident in the wreckage. Investigators later found tire tracks and a few expended weapons cartridges in a nearby location. The expended ammunition is consistent with the type of weapon that is believed to have down the helicopter.

The current communications blackout has made any attempt at communication with base command impossible. General Kusatya refused to comment on this attack other than to say that,
"This attack was not made by my soldiers."
Whether or not this is true remains to be determined but the general's actions in the last few days since his declarations of the military's independence from the Alcovian government have been of a mostly peaceful nature with no intentional violence having been reported before this tragic event.

In related news, people throughout Acovia are polarizing regarding the subject of rebellion, with numerous demonstrations appearing the streets on one side of the issue or the other. The majority of the country does seem to still favor loyalty to the monarchy with a relative minority siding with General Kusatya. Clashes with police forces have been confined to shouting and sign waving with only a dozen arrests having been made nationwide. As yet, no NAA troops have been mobilized to aid in maintaining the peace.


J Womack, Esq. said...

Wow. She can report my news any time. Oh, and things are heating up in Alcovia, too...

Eli Arndt said...

Whoa! Down boy.

I do hope I'm not milking this too much. I figure keeping the news feeds going is a great way to build up background while I don't have a lot of substantive gaming material for this setting.

ScannableGoose said...

Keep this up.
The news feeds, and information on factions, etc. is the reason why I'm following.
As a 15mm gamer, I have no interest in what figures and models you are using, but will also be keenly reading anything on terrain and rules and AARs.
Great work, keep it up!

Eli Arndt said...

Goose, thank you for your praise and your readership. I am doing my best to keep it interesting and fun.

I am also play in 15mm and will likely have some content in that scale as well.

My main reason for doing this project in 20mm was the availability of models for this particular region. Modern wars in this region just are not covered all that well in 15mm without a lot of conversion.

I cannot wait to get more hard gaming material to post for this.