Thursday, October 28, 2010

Truck Bomb May Have Detonated Prematurely

October 28, 2010
New evidence may indicate that a truck bomb that devastated a low income residential neighborhood in Alcovia, may have been intended for another target.

Two men arrest for public drunkenness in the Alcovian capital of Chubakrev were found to have traces of the same explosive found at the scene of Tuesday's tragic explosion. While Alcovian police and security forces have not made an official statement on the new findings, one lead investigator did make a comment indicating that this was likely a, "terrorist attack gone horribly wrong."

This development does raise serious concerns about the true target for the bomb and how such a large quantity of explosives could enter the nation's capital undetected. Officials within the government are calling for a review of security protocols in place throughout Alcovia with a focus on trying to determine the origins of these explosives and what procedures failed that allowed them to slip by numerous emergency checkpoints.

One expert on terrorist and insurgent tactics suggested that such an undertaking would most likely have to involve cooperation of local authorities in one form or another. When asked to elaborate on specifically what sort of involvement, it was said that it would most likely have taken the form of a pay-off or direct involvement. If this is true, then government there may be rebel sympathies within the still loyal ranks of government forces within Alcovia.


Cronickain said...

Ah.. premature detonation... My uncle had that same problem.

Eli Arndt said...

jeeeeezzzz... :)