Monday, June 20, 2011

Alcovian Forces Muster

Thought you might like to see the growing forces of Alcovia.

 Easy Model BTR 80s
Liberation Miniatures Modern Russians

Mark Griffin painted the Liberation Minis for me. He's a good bloke and I like his style of painting which is perfect for the tabletop. In this instance I asked him to replicate the 'partizan' pattern BDUs but 'larger font' so to speak, so that it can be identifiable on the gaming table. In all,  Mark has painted two platoons and a bunch of militia/rebels for me. The end result is really good and I'm very happy with them.

This allows me to fuss over the two tones of 'flora' pattern I'm slapping on the opposing forces without having to worry about painting the OPFOR before I can get some Red on Red Alcovia gaming in. And of course choice of opposing forces has been made more difficult by Shaun at S&S Models recasting his Motor Rifle troops.

Easy Models Hip from Rolf Hedges

Heather bought the BTRs for me as a gift via an Ebay seller and I subsequently bought the Easy Models Mil 8 Hip helo from Rolf Hedges. Don't need it as such but it's a nice statement piece and pure Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.



The Angry Lurker said...

Nice stuff and love the helicopter.

irishserb said...

Wow, BTRs look great, as does the Mi-8.