Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Dealz At Lucky Hav's Motorz

At Lucky Hav's Motorz today we hav a number of spezkial deals for the discerning gentlemen and Mafiyoszo! So spezkial, they're PERverse!

Ahh yes, I see your eyez is interested in this Hi Lux 4x4. No? You are lucky my friend. Every one is lucky at Lucky Hav's Motorz. I tell you, with this 4x4 you can be head of your own Militaia! All the girls will  think you are a Mafyoszo and you like the ladies?

Come into the office and we will wipe away the blood stains and put filler in the bullet holes straight away....

Aaahhh. You like the Queen? I like the Queen! And that Pip! Oooh that Pip. This was her car, yes! Her car! Land Rover Defender. The nice Mr Soap who sold it to me drove it for her. Even comes with Miss Pip's wellies and Osprey body armour.

I tell you. You will be seen as a man of distinction and your goats will ride in luxury. The envy of all other goats!

A man of business perhaps. OK. I hav just what you want. This Isuzu light truck is perfect run around, even plenty of room in back for girlfriend and goats. With this truck a man can be a transport czar. King of the road. Rubber ducky! No?

Come my friend. Let's talk business.....

Lucky Hav's Motorz Registered Office

Just some of the new fun 20mm civilian vehicles available from HobbyDen that will be coming to Alcovia via Trebizon docks, soon. Lucky Hav's Office is a 20ft ISO Container Office from S&S Models.



Eli Arndt said...

Good stuff from Hobby Den!

Although if the guy in the picture is selling, I'm not buying :)


Mark said...

Just don't recognise a good deal do you Eli! Hav's is a franchise of Don's Dodgy Motors of Croydon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lux is another pirate cast from Hobby Den - a 1/62 scale (it's way too big - the '85 HiLux/4Runner was small) Matchbox 4Runner (MB 805) with wheels pirated off the Dragon HMMWV. another US$1 diecast that is readily available being sold for 6.5 Euro. PERverse indeed.

I'll stick to S&S - much better people than Hobby Den.