Friday, June 24, 2011

German Engineering for The Battlefield
Hobby Den's New 1/72 Mercedes 260SL

Just a quick nod to Hobby Den for releasing yet more lovely 20mm(1/72) civilian goodness. Adding to their previous truck and SUV releases, they now have a Mercedes 260SL. This can add a bit of variety to any blasted battlefield or to a motor pool for a scenario.

They have also released an armored car which could be worked into militia scenario or even converted to an urban fighting technical.

Both are excellent vehicles and add greater variety to any street-level modern games.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with Hobby Den is that the armored car is 6.5 Euro... and is nothing but a resin cast of the Hot Wheels Armored Truck ( I just picked up at Toys R Us for 1 USD. Not only is it copyright infringement (I don't particularly care about that) but it's price gouging copyright infringement.