Monday, June 13, 2011

How many Alcovian Special Forces can you get in a Jeep?


And on that bombshell, let's look at S&S Models 1/76th scale (20mm) UAZ 469B. Very much 'Top Gear' in it's own right.

S&S UAZ 469B disassembled
Gjergi? He's a Liberation Minis Modern Ruskie

Now, S&S Models normally sells the UAZ with 4 passengers for £8.50 (inc postage to UK). I wanted one purely to use as a prop, sans crew to be used for cover, as an objective for that get quick away by Soap and Price and just general set dressing of HQs, VCPs etc.

Shaun obliged and for around a fiver inc p&p he sent me this tidy, easy to assemble 6 part kit. I know I've said it recently but want to say again, that Shaun is a real gent. He's happy to help where he can and will give you a straight answer with no mucking about. This is important to me.

 S&S UAZ 469B assembled with Blu-tack

Some of you will be aware that I've spent the last three years plus, concentrating on 15mm Sci Fi gaming. I know the manufacturers, the men behind the products and the products themselves, very well. 20mm Moderns were very much a dark room, especially as my initial foray into 20mm Modern resin armour back in the eighties, left me with scars and a heavy dose of reticence about going there again.

It was a real leap of faith buying my first kit from S&S Models this year. And I'm glad to report that I haven't looked back since. The T64Bs in particular are a dream.

OK, that said, what about the kit at hand? The S&S UAZ 469B is a good, solid model designed for wargamers. It looks very much as it should on the tin - instantly says UAZ 469 to me. The wheels have a nice firm methid of being attached to the body making for sturdy construction. There was one small pin hole that needs to be filled and as you can see in the photos a little bit of excess resin to clean.

I quickly assembled the model with a little Blu-tack just to see what it looked like made-up and am pleased with the result. Looking good next to my Liberation Minis OMON sniper I think you'll agree.

S&S Model's catalogues are here if you want to check the latest prices (which include postage and shipping) or just generally browse Shaun's goodies.

Let's see how long it takes me to clean the UAZ and put it together, then I'll blog the results over the next couple of days.


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