Saturday, June 4, 2011

Model Making Chat

I was given a opened but unbuilt OO Dapol Booking Hall kit. Looking at it yesterday, I found that the hipped roof is perfect for scratchbuilding another Alcovian residence.

The doors will come in handy and maybe a couple of the windows. Talking windows, I am scratchbuilding some of my own rustic doors, windows and shutters to cast with Oyumaru reusable modelling compound.

I've also made a small forest of Alcovian Birch trees following Eli's guide on I SEE LEAD PEOPLE. Unfortunately, I can't find my hotglue gun so can't stick them to bases. Once I've solved this mini crisis I'll put some photos up.


1 comment:

Eli Arndt said...

Looks good.

As for the trees, I have found that a little wire twisted onto the twigs can provide a hand branch or two to break up the uniformity of the straight trunks.