Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Novij Boskoj Takedown: AAR

Novij Boskoj has seen better days. Today it is a run down hamlet targetted by the Mafiya as an opportunity to exploit it as a 'redevelopment opportunity' for gullable foreigner investors.

We begin the mission with Codename 'Boris' (Red Tracksuit) looking over the properties with Codename 'Vanya'. Vanya has sent his driver for Vodka  and sausages. Both men are escorted by heavily armed bodyguards.

The Mafiya are unaware of a tip-off that has allowed Narcotica Interventura Field Agent “Parnsijp" and a section of Crisis Brigade Troopers to set up in hides waiting to spring an ambush to lift the elusive Mafiya heads.

Sgt, “A”, Pvt “D” (RPG) and Pvt "E" (SVD) are in woods to NW, position 1
Pvt “F” & “G” are in the woods to NE, position 2
Agent "Parnsijp" , Cpl “B”,  Pvt “C”(RPD) & Pvt “H” are in the hayricks, position 3.
'Soap' McTavish and Capt Price, 22 SAS are in overwatch off table.

Novij Boskoj towards the end of the game.
Casualties all over the shop


The game opens with Agent "Parnsijp" and team making a successful dash to the back of the hamlet. A quick squelch on the radio informs Sgt "A" to use lethal force. An RPG tears into the Merc sports car ripping it to pieces. Meanwhile the sniper with SVD takes out Vanya's bodyguard, callsign "Potatoes", with a clean shot.

Callsign "Meat" shouts a warning as Pvt "C" rounds the corner. Boris makes off across the gardens, with his mobile to his ear. Vanya hesitates, then legs it towards the abandoned ruin (position 4). Pvt "C" shoots at "Meat" with his pistol, knocking him back into the doorway of house 'H'.- but "Meat's" AK winds 2C" who is saved by his flak vest.

Agent "Parnsijp" and Pvt "H" apprehend Boris who's 'Bottle' goes and surrenders immediately but damage is done - help is on the way courtesy of Motorolla. "Vanya" turns to fire but is cut down by a sniper round.

"Meat" fires wildly out of house "H" keeping the Crisis Troopers at bay, when the back door is kicked in by Pvts "F" & "G".... curtains.

At this point a whuppa, whuppa, whuppa can be heard and in true Call of Duty: Modern Warfare style, renegade Alcovian SF in militia pay slide down a rope from a Mil Hip 17 and man position 4 on the table. An almighty gunfight ensues.

Agent "Parnsijp" and Pvt "H" keep Boris safe under cover in the gardens.  Pvts "F" & "G" take cover behind the burning Merc. Sgt "A" and team fire and maneouvre twowards the SF position.

The renegade SF wallop the Crisis Troopers. Private "C" is seriously hit, but remains on his feet. Corporal "B" takes one to the head. Pvts "F" & "G" duck behind the Merc, whilst Pvt "D" with the RPG goes down heavily.

Sgt "A" and Pvt "E" pepper-pot to position 4 and clean out the renegade SF there with a well placed grenade.

At this point, the Vanya's driver reappears with Vodka, sausages and a pile of Mafiya militia he picked up when he heard the gunfire. Of course Maff puts a BMP on the table "worth it for the look on (my) face," before replacing it with a car load of Militia.

Not sure if they can now hold their own Agent "Parnsijp" calls for help from Price and 'Soap' (the deniable sniper team) who emerge from cover to lend a hand. Price calls in HOG 4. 'Soap' lines up the gun run on the back of the hamlet and with sixes all the way, the C-130's 40mm took made "one helluva showreel", taking out the Militia and the car in a single pass.

"Boris" fails his 'bottle' again and offers to "call off the dogs" if he could come to some arrangement. "Parnsijp" being a practical sort of man agreed to an accomodation.

Home in time for a Vodka and sausages tea!


A rip-roaring game that moved at pace that lasted 40 minutes using Cold War '83. It was hosted by Maff and played on a 2 foot diameter light earth playing surface which represented the crisis point of the action and worked far better than having a larger playing surface on which to skulk about wasting time for an hour before any action kicked off.

The figures used were: Mafia & Bodyguards = Platoon 20. Crisis Brigade = Platoon 20 VDV. Price, Soap, Renegade SF & Mafiya Militia = Liberation Minis. Buildings & Hay Ricks by Hovel. Trees by FOW.


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