Friday, June 10, 2011

New Troops for Alcovia

Well I've ditched the Elhiem Afghanistan VDV in helmets - looked like they were wearing potato sacks plus SS covered helmets. Some of the bayonets weren't properly moulded whihc resulted in the foresight on AKs missing. This after my previous order where the figures had a 'drop' cast shiny look, soft details and one of the Americans was missing a leg from knee down. Can't be arsed with them any more.

Good news though is that Shaun at S&S Models is remoulding and re-releasing his 1980's Russian Motor Rifles and will be available for sale shortly. He kindly sent me samples of both and despite these minis being 15 plus years old, the detail of the sculpting is incredibly good. I started sculpting myself this week and these have definitely raised the bar.

The Motor Rifles and VDV are 23mm sole to the eye and are slightly taller than Rolf's Liberation Minis but on a par with Bill's Ultra-Modern Russians at Under Fire Miniatures.

The S&S Motor Rifles ooze character. They have a helmet that could pass for the dome helmet, body armour and in many cases chest rigs. In fact, these guys are perfect fodder for Alcovia.

You can see them 'in action' in The Escape Committee's game here at SALUTE 2011.

S&S Models 'tank/BMP' riders

Shaun is a real gent. Email him at for a full set of pricelists.



Eli Arndt said...

Awesome news there, Mark. Those guys at S&S are really on top of things (except web design) and keep pumping out the goods. Are these figures so much bigger than RH that they will look out of place? They do seem to be of similar bulk and that is a plus.

I know that with Elheim they look too slender next to RH to be used on the same table.


Mark said...

Just checked at length Eli.

Wouldn't necessarily have them in same unit as the style is different but I'm happy to use them as my regular government forces and the VDV as regular Paras and hardened militia against Rolf's minis.

BTW, I know you'll be interested, the separate weapons sold by Shaun are lovely. Really detailed and offer lots of opportunity for conversion!

The range of small arms is as follows:-

Akm & g/l
Akm & n/sight
Rpk & n/sight
Rpg 7
Sg9 (soon)
M4 carbine
Chinses lmg
Chinese rifle
Small throw way a/t rocket,
French at52 lmg
12.7 hmg
.50 cal hmg,


Mark said...

Hi Eli

Can't fix the web design but I have uploaded the S&S catalogue and lists to my Google account and popped a link here to give folks easy access.


Eli Arndt said...

Good call. Any mention fron S&S if they have any plans to put their catalog updates into some sort of mailing list or email newsletter?

I had asked once before and they said they were looking into it but that was almost a year ago.